Gifts With Purpose

Dear Leader, We have all been chosen for a definite purpose by God. This purpose consists of the things we are good at through creation and skill to make someone elseโ€™s life better. Take it upon yourself to serve the world through your natural talents, gifts, and ambitions. Be bold in your pursuit of improving … More Gifts With Purpose

No True Limitations

Dear Leader, You have no true limitations. Our physical body’s capabilities are not our full potential. Our environment is not our full potential. And neither one of these variables can determine what our potential is. All of us aren’t able to slam dunk a basketball in a 10 foot goal or run faster than a … More No True Limitations

Faith Is Everything

Dear Leader, If youโ€™ve been following me for a while you know how big I am on the power of faith. Faith can push us to do things most would consider impossible or very difficult. Faith creates confidence. Below is a snippet of Hebrews Chapter 11 Verses 1-3 on faith: โ€œNow faith is confidence in … More Faith Is Everything

Be Willing To Give Out Before Giving Up

Be willing to give out before you give up!! Letโ€™s think in terms of lifting weights… your muscles grow and get stronger from the resistance of not being to lift the weight as freely. The more reps you do, the weaker your Kielce may feel in the moment but when you push that resistance to … More Be Willing To Give Out Before Giving Up