Commitment To Greatness 

   Dear Leader, You have the ability to imagine and plan to do ANYTHING. Not only do you have the ability to imagine and plan to do anything, but most importantly you have the ability to ACCOMPLISH any idea or plan that you may think of. When you truly believe in your dreams, you are … More Commitment To Greatness 

Impossible Is A Lie.

Dear Leader, Let’s start today off with some truth. Impossible is a lie. Someone BELIEVED a piece of metal weighing 75 tons could fly through the air carrying hundreds of people. Someone also BELIEVED a tiny audio device could wirelessly connect to a 2.5 x 4 inch digital mobile device and play your favorite music. What someone … More Impossible Is A Lie.

No True Limitations

Dear Leader, Your physical body’s capabilities IS NOT your full potential. Your environment IS NOT your full potential. And neither one of these factors can determine what your full potential is. All of us aren’t able to slam dunk a basketball in a 10 foot goal or run faster than a cheetah, but these limitations on … More No True Limitations