Dear Leader,

You have the ability to imagine and plan to do ANYTHING. Not only do you have the ability to imagine and plan to do anything, but most importantly you have the ability to ACCOMPLISH any idea or plan that you may think of. When you truly believe in your dreams, you are unstoppable. 

You may face hardships, setbacks, road blocks, monkey wrenches, burned bridges, and many other curve balls that life tends to throw at us to test our focus, but don’t be faded. YOU GOT THIS. Your dreams will only remain unfinished if you lack the commitment necessary to follow after them. 

Greatness is just up ahead. Stay strong and continue striving, because you’ve hung on this long for a reason. Your dreams are important and you WILL reach them!!! No limits. Dream Big!!!!

Your Fellow Lifestyle Leader,


Affirmation: I will surpass my goals and reach my biggest dreams!!!


Written by RuffGotRhymes

In an era when critics and rappers themselves jump to declare the death of hip hop, 28 year old Ruff has been breathing new life into the genre through his storytelling, will to connect with the people, and boundless on-stage energy. Born and raised in Rock Hill, S.C., Ruff has dreams bigger than the confines of his small hometown, literally. His Dream Big imprint has spread, in what seems like just a few short months, quickly across the country to states including but not limited to California, Texas, Minnesota, Chicago, New York, Florida, and Ohio. Dreaming even bigger the brand, also known as “The Lifestyle”, has become internationally know widening its horizons to as far as the UK. With that being said, the sky is not the limit for the Carolina native simply because there are no limits. Dream Big, No Limitations. For more news, music, updates, etc. on Ruff, search for @RuffGotRhymes on your favorite social networks.

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