Commitment Is Key

Earlier this week I started reading “Letters to a Young Brother”,  a book written by actor Hill Harper. He wrote it to help young black males get through life and not make the same mistakes he made at a certain age. I’d definitely recommend reading this book, just as someone recommended it to me about 2 years ago. Right, 2 years ago smh. I’ve had this book 2 years and only read about 40 pages. So Monday I decided I would I start from the beginning and read the whole book by the end of the week. There’s 5 parts or chapters if you wanna call em that, so I figured I could read 1 part a day and be done on Friday.

My first commitment of 2014. You may be thinking well how hard can that be? It’s only a book, it’s only 5 days, that’s easy. Realistically I could have probably read the whole book on Monday, but it’s not about that. This is about being consistent and committing to doing something from start to finish. Too often we give up too early and it’s usually right before something great is about to happen. So how do you stay focused and committed when things get tough? Don’t focus on the obstacles. Anything worth accomplishing will almost always have obstacles, just remember why you started. In the end you’ll feel a lot more confident going into future tasks.  Besides, crossing the finish line is always a good feeling. Remember, no limitations.


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